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Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be used outside?

While Ezy Safeguard is primarily designed for indoor use, it can also be used outside. All colored plastics, even those that are UV treated, will eventually fade in the sun. Extreme temperatures will also have an impact on the performance of the products.

How does child safeguard compare with competitors?

Ezy Safeguard padding is unique.

There are some "corner" guard products available for desks, fireplaces etc:

- they do not provide anywhere near the heavy duty padding protection

- they are genuinely available only in Gray, Ivory, bright colours

- some do not have UV inhibitors

How is it installed?

You must ensure all surfaces are clean and dry. Apply clear silicone with a caulking gun to the back of the material (panels, edges, corners). Place product against the surface and hold for 30 seconds - pressing firmly across whole area of product. Wait 24 hours for the silicone to fully cure (based on room temperature).  

Is it long lasting?

Durability is relative to the amount and type of use. It will last many, many years if used in the manner it was designed. Longevity will be reduced by excessive or aggressive play, especially with games or items of clothing which are abrasive or have sharp edges. 

Is it safe?

Ezy Safeguard padding can be used in commercial and residential environments. It has passed or surpassed a variety of safety requirements including Compression, Fire, Toxicity etc. 

What colours are available?

Ezy Safeguard is currently available in 7 colours (dependent upon stock levels). We can have the product produced in a custom colour based on larger quantity orders. 

What does it do?

Ezy Safeguard product protect:

1. Children and adults from hurting themselves on sharp corners, edges and other surfaces.

2. Your walls and other vertical surfaces or structures from accidental impact damage.

What is the Ezy Safeguard series made from?

Ezy Safeguard padding is a special "skin urethane" material which has superior horizontal impact attenuation properties while providing a tough UV treated outer protective skin. It has been successfully tested to meet all applicable commercial and residential safety requirements.

Where can Ezy Safeguard series be used?

Wall padding is designed to be used on any hard/solid wall surface. 

Corner strips are specifically designed for all types of wall/equipment/furniture corners.

Post padding is for all playground steel post, also used in hospitals, nurseries and leisure centres across the UK.