The Reflective Corner Strip Guard can be used as a protective cushion on corners and edges such as in car parks and working areas where machinery such as forklift trucks may be in use.

The Corner Reflective Strip Guard is reinforced with a central aluminium rod which helps to dramatically reduce the risk of damage to both the wall and car for example.

With a number of different colour options available the Corner Reflective Strip Guard Safety Cushion is easy and quick to install.



  • Made using an integral urethane skin rather than common PU material with a central aluminium stripand. Fully complies with safety regulations

  • Highly durable - resistant to shocks and scrapes

  • Highly reflective - drawing peoples attention in order to help prevent a collision

  • Easy and quick to install

  • Suitable for a diverse range of functions with various colour options

  • Available in Black with Yellow reflective tape


  • Car parks and loading bays

  • Working areas where machinery and motorised vehicles are in use

  • Many buildings and public areas

  • Warehousing 

  • Private entrances

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